Friday, May 30, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday my friends! I'm actually in MN this weekend to celebrate my cousin Brandy's wedding. They could not have picked a better day, it's beautiful 80 degrees, sunny, and no humidity. Before we celebrate the happy couple tonight A and I will be busy working on some fun projects for the blog so stay tuned. As you can see this isn't a typical "Fav Friday" post - while in MN my little sister Amy is giving me Photoshop classes and I wanted to share something we worked on.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Burlap + Mason Jars {DIY}

I am officially done with my third year of teaching and summer has begun - wahoo! A couple of weeks ago, I made these burlap covered mason jars (matching my honeybee and daisy theme this year), to use as vases as a thank you gift to all those who helped to make this past year a success. One of my love languages is giving gifts and I do enjoy the opportunities I have to say thank you to those who give so much to me. 

These burlap covered mason jars would be a fun addition to any bridal shower, dinner party, or wedding, and can be used as a vase, candle, kitchen accessory...the list goes on. By switching out the ribbon and flowers to anything you envision, they are a versatile and easy DIY project that is perfect for the summer. What is on your DIY list this summer? 

Burlap dimensions: 6.5 x 10.5 inches

Ribbon dimensions: 30 inches 

Tip: After you have the burlap wrapped up and around the mason jar in the way that you want it, use a rubber band to make the burlap stay in place. Then tie your ribbon around, making it tight and pretty. Then remove the rubber band. 

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Photos by Angela Anderson 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend {Lifestyle}

Happy Memorial Day! 

Sharing a few iPhone pictures from our camping adventure this weekend. 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

I am a little bit obsessed with paper products. I love cute pads of paper, binders, planners, business cards, and clipboards. In college I remember searching for a planner and organizer everywhere. I wanted something professional, fun, and colorful. I eventually stumbled across a beautiful one by russel + hazel at a little store in downtown White Bear Lake. What makes a planner beautiful you ask? Awesome colors and patterns, sturdy fabrics, and chic design. Since then I have fallen in love with the Minnesota based brand russell + hazel. They recently opened a new store at the Galleria and I love it. I have many of their binders and planners, and during the months planning my wedding, I used their wedding planner system (it is amazing). Russel + hazel also has great acrylic desk pieces, fun storage ideas, and great leather accessories. I cannot get enough of this favorite thing! 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to Plant Beautiful Outdoor Pots {Home}

 This is the first spring where I have been craving time outside...gardening! Never before have I been interested. My husband loves to garden (herbs, hops, and exotic lemon trees are his specialties), and I grew up with parents that took great pride in their gardens and pots. But I never took advantage of learning anything from them in my youth. Last weekend I had the opportunity to head to Bachman's with my mom and pick out greens and flowers for our pots in our front and back yards. I was so excited as I perused the rows of plants, asking questions left and right. There is something to be said for finding the joy in little things and for soaking up the newness of being in the learning stages of a hobby. 

Today I want to share my new found love of gardening with you! Planting beautiful pots is not difficult and the result is truly worth the time and effort. I actually found digging in the dirt and working with plants to be very calming and relaxing. Below I have some tips and tricks I learned from my lovely mom and the gardeners at Bachman's (they are so helpful and knowledgable). Happy gardening everyone! 

: : Tips and Tricks to Planting Beautiful Outdoor Pots : : 

My mom taught me that an appealing pot should have some foliage, a larger flower, a smaller flower, a crawling plant, and a plant with texture. You can mix and match these different kinds, or try to include all the options in one pot. There are no "rules" for this, but it is nice to have a variety of plant types in your pots. In some pots I included all the different variety types and in others I only included a couple. 

Spend time just perusing through your local greenhouse. We love to go to Bachman's because they offer unique and beautiful plants, the gardeners are extremely helpful, and the plants are healthy and fresh. Find the flowers and foliage that catch your eye, and if they work in your space, get them! I fell in love with spiralis, begonias, toffee twists, and dahlias last weekend. 

Mix and match different colors and textures with your plants and flowers. 

Buy smaller plants that come in flats of four. You get a lot for your money and they are a great little addition to add in to your pots. 

Look at the informational tab that comes with each plant. This will tell you what type of sunshine/shade the plant benefits from, how tall and wide it will get, watering habits, etc. 

Invest in a good fertilizer. My mom suggests fertilizing your pots every two weeks or so. The difference between pots that are fertilized and pots that are not are quite drastic. The fertilizer will help to cause the plants to reach their full potential in regards to height, fullness, color, and overall health. 

Pay attention to when your greenhouse is offering coupons and percentages off; buy your plants then!

: : How to Plant Beautiful Pots : : 

When I got home from the greenhouse I separated all of my plants into different groups: large flowers, foliage, crawling plants, small flowers, and plants with texture. After separating them, I started grabbing different plants from different categories until I found a mixture of plants that was visually appealing. 

Start potting by stirring up old soil and getting any large chunks worked out. Take out some of the old dirt and add in new, fresh potting soil; mix together. 

Next I laid out my different mixtures of plants in their pots before I began potting, making sure I liked the arrangement. My mom suggests placing the foliage near the back of the pot, along with the larger flower. Smaller plants and flowers can be towards the front of the pot. Crawling plants should be placed near the side, so they can crawl over the pot and down onto the sides, creating a beautiful look. 

One especially important tip I learned is to not over-crowd your pots. Everything in me wanted to buy bigger flowers and foliage, and to plant my pots full from the get-go. But the plants are going to grow immensely in a few short weeks. Leave some bare spots and spaces in your pots so that the plants and flowers can grow and fill in. 

After you find an arrangement you like, dig a hole into the dirt and carefully remove the plants from the containers by turning them upside down and inching the plant out. Place into the ground and press the plant down into the dirt; fill in with extra soil. Repeat until all of your plants are in the pot. 

Take a step back and enjoy! Once you fall in love with one pot, move on to the next.

 Happy gardening,

Photos by Angela & Preston Anderson

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Champagne Wednesday {Food}

Brendan and I love treating ourselves during the busy work week to a happy hour... or two. We equally enjoy preparing at home happy hours, enter a little tradition we began calling "Champagne Wednesday"! I'm so excited to share with you some of our favorite treats that make our at home happy hours extra special. 

:: Menu ::

"Champagne" for a cheaper option try this sparkling wine
Sharp Cheddar Cheese {I love Beecher's smoked aged cheddar}
Salami {Trader Joe's has a great selection}
Pepper Jelly {You cannot go wrong with this the flavors are great and adds a fun element to the spread}
Pita Bite Crackers {These are also from TJ's and are delicious- they have a yummy buttery flavor} 

{Do tell us about some of your favorite at home happy hour treats}


Photo's by Brendan & Laura Lorentz

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This blouse has become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I stumbled across it at Nordstrom awhile back with my mom and couldn't get it off my mind. Not only is it one of my favorite colors (coral), but also one of my favorite brands, Joie. Joie combines chic style with comfortable fabrics and great patterns. I am always looking out for it on the sale racks at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack; you can find amazing designer pieces at great prices when you hit the sales right. I love this blouse paired with skinny jeans and wedges, or a simple pencil skirt. The tie in the front adds that little something special. I can't wait to wear it throughout this summer!

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Photos by Preston Anderson

Love this one! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lilly Love

It's officially wedding season so I wanted to share a look appropriate for any summer wedding. I love the bold color and pattern in this Lilly Pulitzer number, bright colors are a must for summer and Lilly does color like no one else. The piece I'm wearing is a few years old but I love their current line of dresses- all very wedding guest appropriate. Be sure to check out my favorites here, here, and here

How many wedding are you planning on attending this year? Any go to designers you run to when in need of the perfect look?  

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Lilly Pulitzer Dress old // SJP Bobbie Heels // Stella & Dot Necklace // J. Crew Ring old // J. Crew Clutch old (similar)

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Photo's by Brendan Lorentz 

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