Angela and Laura are cousins and best friends. In order to stay connected after Laura's move to Seattle, the fashion and lifestyle blog, A&L, was created. Sharing a common love for all things pretty,  the blog showcases fashion, food, and home ideas. The goal of A&L is to inspire readers to appreciate the pretty things in life, big or small. 

A little about Angela: She lives with her husband Preston and puppy Otto in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Angela is a third grade teacher and enjoys every minute of it. She loves weekend getaways at her family cabin near Canada, playing tennis, lattes and pastries, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. 

A little about Laura: She lives with her husband Brendan in Seattle, Washington. Laura loves her job working for Tommy Bahama corporate in HR, but every once in awhile misses her days working as a J.Crew stylist.

The pretty things they love: their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, all things Swedish, laughter, coffee, family, J.Crew, a yummy glass of wine, stationary, chocolate chip cookies, and home decor. 

Interested in working with A&L? Contact the girls at andersonlorentzblog@gmail.com

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