Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree {DIY}

I have always loved house plants, whether that be a simple spider plant, a potted ranunculus, or a long-lived Christmas cactus (my mom is still growing an off-shoot that belonged to her grandma). I have never been known for having a green thumb, but since P and I moved into our duplex in Minneapolis last summer, we have had access to many outdoor gardens and a screen porch that have challenged me to expand my horizons in regards to gardening. We have also been able to have many different varieties of house plants because of a large window that offers ample sunlight. I love the dynamic design element that they bring to our space. 

Recently, I have fallen in love with fiddle leaf fig plants. They are common house plants found in chic, modern spaces that add that immediate rustic, "homey" feel. Through some research, my husband and I purchased a young fiddle leaf fig plant from Home Depot for about $20. We couldn't help but chuckle when a rather large box appeared on our doorstep and in it we found our fiddle leaf. We decided to grow ours from a young plant instead of purchasing a full grown fiddle leaf, which can cost around $200. This takes more commitment from us, but is definitely more cost effective. 

Below you will see my tips and tricks for growing your own fiddle leaf fig tree. It will take a couple of years for the fiddle leaf fig to reach our desired height, 6-8 feet, but we can only start to anticipate how proud we will feel to see that gorgeous tree in our space!

: : Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Tips and Tricks : : 
  • When you receive your young fiddle leaf fig tree, re-plant it into a pot that is less than 50% larger than its' shipping pot (ideally). 
  • A stiff support rod can be used to stabilize your young fiddle leaf stem and ensure that it grows straight for the first couple years. 
  • Fiddle leaf fig trees need bright light, but not direct sunlight. A well lit room or partially shaded window would be perfect. 
  • Be sure to rotate the pot every so often, weekly is ideal, so the tree goes straight and isn't leaning towards the light. 
  • Do not over-water your fiddle leaf fig tree. It is best to let the soil dry out between waterings, at least the top 3-4 inches. A moisture reader, available at most hardware stores, can assist you in this and would be a smart and cheap investment. 
  • As the fiddle leaf grows, re-pot as necessary according to its' size and how big you want it to get. The bigger the pot, the bigger and taller your fiddle leaf will become.
  • Happy growing!

: : Our fiddle leaf fig tree : : 

: : The big leaves have a tropical flair to them that I love : : 

: : Happy little fiddle leaf : : 

With Love,

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Photos by Angela & Preston Anderson

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