Friday, December 12, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

I have always had good skin, battling the occasional breakout now and then. My mom instilled great habits in me at a young age, and I have always used great products. However, in my last year of college and into my post-college years my skin began to change, and intense breakouts were more common and scarring became the natural outcome. I never felt like I could leave the house without coverage. This past summer I was at Nordstrom with my mom and I was ready for a change in my skincare regime. I talked with one of their specialists and they introduced me to La Mer...and I will never go back! The mineral based cleansers, tonic, and exfoliants have changed my face and the results have been extraordinary. The prices are a bit higher than I was used to, but a little of the product goes a long way (I am still using my products and I purchased them in July). I have not splurged on the moisturizers or serums yet; I am more than content using their other products at this point. Happy Friday! 

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La Mer Cleansing Foam - I use this each night 
La Mer 'The Tonic' - In the morning I splash my face with water and use this tonic
La Mer 'The Refining Facial' - I use this two times per week in the morning

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