Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pomegranate Mojito {Food + Drink}

P and I have been loving summer so far. Having friends over for a barbecue and bonfire in the backyard, heading north to the cabin, going on long walks by the river, and just enjoying the daylight until the late hours of the evening. Summer has been such a blessing to us and we are so thankful for this time. I definitely cook more during the summer months and I recently stumbled across this delicious and easy Pomegranate Mojito recipe from The Chew (my favorite cooking show). I love a good mojito, but am a bit picky - I don't like them to be too sweet or too carbonated, but I love mint and lime, and the natural sweetness from fresh ingredients. I have to say this is a favorite that will last! Have a great day everyone! 

With Love,

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