Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Reading List

Remember the years of summer reading lists and reading contests at the library? Summer helps inspires me to  take some time away from 'screens' and immerse myself in a good book! I've been on a huge reading kick and thought it would be fun to share a few of my recent favorites. If you are looking for a easy summer read any of the top three is sure to please. 

Sisterhood Everlasting - Hello! There is a 5th book- a conclusion if you will, to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series. Have a box of tissue near because you will be using them for both happy and sad tears! 

The Girl on the Train - I know at this point you have hear everything there is to know about this novel but seriously its just that good. I'm listing it as a favorite to continue to spread the word! Keeps you guessing and entertained all the way to the end. 

The Knockoff - I fell in love with this book from page one! So current, witty, and smart. Imogen (my favorite character) is a pure delight. Whereas Eve has you curing the millennial name. 

Thanks for reading & happy reading, 

P.S. All books are linked to buy but I highly recommend reserving them as your local library! I check out all my books through the library!


  1. I'm not a library girl and I really really need to be. I really loved The Girl on the Train - gonna have to give these others a try too :)

    1. The Seattle Public Library is the best. You can even download a really good selection of magazines through their website.


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