Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Reading List {Book Club}

Remember the days of dreaded summer reading... being assigned mandatory reading over the summer only to wait until the week or even day before school started to begin. Well, those days are long gone as I now crave a good book especially over the summer when I can soak up the sun while reading it. 

Books I've read and loved...

The One & Only- I am a huge fan of Emily Giffin so when a friend mentioned she had a new book coming out I was thrilled! I thought the book was okay, not my favorite in comparison to her others but a good light summer read. 

Revenge Wears Prada- I have to admit, I never actually read The Devil Wears Prada but I do claim the movie as my all-time favorite so I thought that gave me enough grounds to read the sequel. Loved the book- the ending was bittersweet but overall a fun read.

Where'd You Go Bernadette- This is a witty read and it's based in Seattle so it made it all the more fun to read. I have to admit I grew a little bored by the end but the authors writing style kept me in my toes. Fun and a very fast read. 

The Fault in Our Stars- AMAZING, I have yet to see the movie but have heard excellent things about it. This book had me in a puddle of tears but so worth it.

Three Weeks with my Brother- This is an older book but was the only book I hadn't read by Nicholas Sparks. I naturally had to add it to my list. I wasn't thrilled about reading it as I knew it wasn't going to be a love story... that being the primary reason why I'm a huge fan of his books. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the book and found myself bummed after getting through it so quickly. If you are a Sparks fan make sure you get your hands on this one, like all his novels you will not be disappointed. 

Gone Girl- This book is weird but oddly enough intriguing as ever. Over the course of the first half I just needed to know what was happening and once I finally found out I then just needing to know how it ended. I'm dying to see the move coming out this fall, check out the trailer here

I'm always adding new books to my library cue so please pass along any titles that you have read and loved. Also, stay tuned for more {Book Club} reviews. 

Thanks for reading, 

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