Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Petite Tassel Bracelet {DIY}

Happy Wednesday, Brendan and I are off to MN to celebrate my cousins wedding. We have a full weekend of fun wedding activities- I could not be more excited to be celebrate!

I've been working hard on my tassel making abilities. After many trial and error tassels I finally came up with a system that is easy and in my opinion looks clean and professional. I'm now determined to make a necklace with wooden beads and neon tassels... thoughts? Similar to these beauties

:: Supplies ::
Embroidery Thread {$.40}
Jump Rings (gold hoops) {$2}
Stretchy Jewelry Cord {$4}
Beads {$5}

Approximate Cost: Under $15 

Crimp Beads
Step 1: Cut a 12 inch piece of embroidery thread, fold in half, and center the jump ring in the center. Take the remaining embroidery thread and wrap it around your pointer and middle fingers - wrap 20 times.

Step 2: Take off your fingers and cut thread on one end. Lay flat- now take your thread with the jump ring in the center and tie around the middle of the flattened thread. 

Step 3: Cut a 6 inch piece of thread. 

Step 4: Tie the newly cut thread around the head of the tassel - double knot for a secure hold. 

Step 5: Trim the end of the tassel so all ends are even, 

Steps 6: String beads and tassel to stretchy jewelry cord. Fasten my knotting the end. 

Optional: To create a cleaner look complete the bracelet with crimp beads. These can be used instead of knotting the cord at the end. 

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  1. Those are so adorable and fun. I am so impressed.


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