Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer x Target

I had quite the adventure battling the crowds this past weekend, just to get a little piece of Lilly :) I drove up to my local Target about five minutes before they opened, only to find about 35 woman in line outside in the rain. I was not expecting lines or chaos, but maybe that was naive on my part. I just thought, I'll wake up and head to grab a Starbucks and peruse the new Lilly items, but it was much more adventurous than that :) Let's just say, the woman were very "passionate" and were willing to do whatever it took to dominate the sales racks full of patterned, Lilly goodness. I couldn't help but chuckle as a took a back seat and just observed; these woman really wanted the Lilly. I have to say I wish I would have headed straight to housewares instead of heading to accessories and clothing, but I was able to snag a few fun pieces that I'm excited about. Today's look is inspired by weekend summer getaways to the cabin. There is nothing much better than working hard all week, throwing on your comfy jeans, grabbing a coffee, and hitting the road to get away from it all. I hope you have a wonderful day everyone! 

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With Love,

Photos by Preston Anderson 


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