Thursday, April 16, 2015

Simple Iced Coffee {Food}

P and I love good coffee! It's just that simple...we're kind of coffee snobs :) But let me tell you, once you've made and enjoyed pour over coffee it is super hard to go back to the machine, or even to your french press. The intense flavor and the smooth taste make it so delicious! P and I have been experimenting with different recipes for iced coffee, and we feel like we've finally figured it out. We love to serve our iced coffees in mason jars, because that is how they served it when we were in Nashville last summer (see post here). The recipe we came up is delicious, easy, and a perfect addition to any summer morning. Have a great day everyone. 

:: Ingredients :: 

Good, quality coffee (our favorite is MN local Peace Coffee)
1/2 & 1/2 
Ice (coffee iced cubes if possible)

:: Recipe :: 

Make normal, hot pour over coffee and place off to the side to cool (at least to room temperature if possible). If you don't have a pour over system, make your normal coffee, just make it quite a bit stronger than normal. 

Fill two mason jars to the top with ice. If you are able, use coffee iced cubes (pour over coffee frozen into cubes). This helps to keep the iced coffee flavorful, and not as watered down. But, the iced coffee is still delicious, even if you don't have coffee iced cubes on hand, which we don't normally have either. 

Flavor your iced coffee with half and half, simple syrup, or vanilla; the options are endless. 

The iced coffee can keep in your fridge for a couple days. Enjoy!

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