Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Succulent Favors {DIY}

So, it may be cheating a little to call this a DIY. After countless failed crafting attempts, I have come to the conclusion that if I have to spend more then $10 on all my crafting supplies I just won't attempt. So, with that idea in mind I bring to you the 'DIY $10 or less' series to the blog. The inspiration came to me because I still love creating and this helps keep me in check when I too loosely utter the words... "I could make that." Come on, we've all been there! 


These little favors are just as adorable as they are easy to make. This craft falls into the 'extremely easy' DIY category. You can buy succulents just about anywhere these days- West Elm, Etsy, or a local nursery will have a nice selection. The wooden planters are actually egg cups from Crate & Barrel. Egg cups make the perfect planters for these mini succulents. Check out a few more styles here and here. So there you have it, sweet and simple succulent favors for your next gathering. 

Succulents: $2 each 
Egg Cups: $2 each

Total Cost: $8

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