Thursday, May 29, 2014

Burlap + Mason Jars {DIY}

I am officially done with my third year of teaching and summer has begun - wahoo! A couple of weeks ago, I made these burlap covered mason jars (matching my honeybee and daisy theme this year), to use as vases as a thank you gift to all those who helped to make this past year a success. One of my love languages is giving gifts and I do enjoy the opportunities I have to say thank you to those who give so much to me. 

These burlap covered mason jars would be a fun addition to any bridal shower, dinner party, or wedding, and can be used as a vase, candle, kitchen accessory...the list goes on. By switching out the ribbon and flowers to anything you envision, they are a versatile and easy DIY project that is perfect for the summer. What is on your DIY list this summer? 

Burlap dimensions: 6.5 x 10.5 inches

Ribbon dimensions: 30 inches 

Tip: After you have the burlap wrapped up and around the mason jar in the way that you want it, use a rubber band to make the burlap stay in place. Then tie your ribbon around, making it tight and pretty. Then remove the rubber band. 

With Love,

Photos by Angela Anderson 

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