Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eyebrows 101 {Beauty}

 I must confess, I use to completely over pluck my eyebrows, it was a bad habit I developed and could never seen to kick. It wasn't until visiting an honest esthetician that I came to discover the truth about my brows. I will never forget laying down with the esthetician magnifying my face with her bright light and vocally saying huh, oh, hmm... I finally asked if everything was alright. She carefully explained that my brows needed to be fuller and drew with a pencil the correct proportions. It was amazing how drastically re-shaping my brows helped frame my face better. I was immediately ready to do anything it took to get them in tip top shape.

The processes was slow, I grew my brows out for a month in a half before returning to the same esthetician. She promptly commented that she didn't think I would be back. She again worked her magic and after the appointment introduced me to brow powder. This small beauty product instantly changed everything! 

I fell in love with Damone Roberts line, the dual ended brush makes it easy to apply and even easier to blend together. I believe that using a brow powder creates an instantly polished look. If you are looking to add a new product to your beauty line up I highly recommend giving a brow powder a try.

{To see even more pictures of my very skinny and unshapely brows feel free to look at my past FB pics} 

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Photo's by Brendan & Laura Lorentz

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