Friday, June 13, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Perfume can be a tricky thing, there are so many options and since the price points tend to be higher it's important to select a scent you truly love. I have handed this responsibility over to my husband. He has done an impeccable job of picking the perfect scent for me - on any given special occasion I'm gifted a new scent. The most recent sent he has picked is the lovely Jo Malone and it has become a fast favorite. The interesting thing about Jo Malone is the capability to mix and match scents, creating your very own signature scent. B picked a floral and a light floral for me (wild bluebell & blue agave and cacao) I love the combination of the two but they also work well on there own. Nordstrom has a great Jo Malone counter if you are interested in testing out each scent out for yourself. 

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