Monday, January 26, 2015


Happy Monday! Hope you had a spectacular weekend. Yesterday in Seattle was something to talk about, the sun was shining and it was in the 60's the whole day! Although, I didn't see any shorts (that must be a Midwest thing when the temps rise) I had all the windows open and B even went for a bike ride! 

I love layering, not only does it add interest to an outfit but in the end it's completely practical. The key to layering is to accomplish it without adding bulk (what women wants that?); using light weight items will help. I took a light weight chambray and cashmere cardigan to start and topped off my look with the J.Crew school boy blazer. It was perfect for the mild January day we had in Seattle - when it warmed up mid-day I felt comfortable taking off the blazer because I still had a well-polished ensemble underneath. 

It's hard to believe we will wrap up January this week! So far so good in my efforts to start paring down and getting back to basics. I will be sharing my January purchases this Friday with a breakdown of my clothing budget for the month and the price I paid for each item. So stay tuned. 

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Photo's by Brendan Lorentz


  1. I loved the jump photo on instagram, and I'm loving the details of this outfit in the post now, too! Great layering, for sure!

    1. Thanks Bri! Brendan thought I was going to ruin my shoes and or break my ankle!

  2. Love that clutch! Great job of layering.

    1. Thanks! It's part of my initiative to buy what I truly love! I found it at Shop Mille a boutique in MPLS- they have an online store and it was actually on sale!


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