Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tiny House

I just couldn't resist sharing this 'Tiny House'. It's the quintessential cottage, read more about the family that lives there full time here and here

My hubby was the one to finally turn me into a believer of the 'Tiny House'. It's a movement that has been gaining popularity for some time now. We watched this documentary that does a great job of explaining the practicality and the simplicity of living that comes with owning a 'Tiny House'. The thought of editing and simply living with less got me thinking of my goals for 2015. One being to edit my wardrobe, remember this post? I think the idea of truly getting down to the basics is something I'm completely committed to achieving. At the end of a month or at the end of a year I want to look back and be excited about the things I've purchased and most importantly know I will have them for years to come. To start keeping myself accountable at the end of each month, I plan on sharing a little budget post listing out the items I've purchased. Stay tuned!

Would you ever live in a 'Tiny House'? This house is 540 square feet. I'm completely sold as long as I can live in something like this! 

In love with that bathtub!


Photo's by Lincoln Barbour
Interior Design: Jessica Helgerson 

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  1. Love this. I agree we do have to much stuff. Looking forward to seeing what you do. Thanks. This is a good one for all of us.

    1. Indeed! Love the process of purging it feels so good- especially when you can turn some of that unwanted stuff into cash.


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