Thursday, January 29, 2015

Skincare Routine

I am so excited to be sharing my skincare routine with you all today. Ever since I was little my mom has always instilled in me a diligence in taking care of my skin, and using quality products. My mom has beautiful, young looking skin which is partly due to genes, but is mostly because she has always taken amazing care of her skin, going above and beyond to clean, nourish, and protect it. She advocates for being proactive now so problems don't come as quickly, or not at all, down the road. Here is my daily skin care routine and please know that the products I use last a very long time because the formulas are so concentrated, and I believe are worth every penny!

Morning Skincare Routine: 

After I get out of the shower I use Origin's Precipitation moisturizer on my whole body. I would be lost without this during these dry winter months in MN. After, I splash my face with cool water and pat dry which instantly makes me feel awake and alert. Then I use tonic from La Mer on a cotton ball. I lather on my Chanel moisturizer and let dry before applying Laura Mercier's foundation primer (I never knew this was necessary, but my make-up lasts all day with it on and it adds an extra glow to my skin). 

Two to three times a week I exfoliate using La Mer's refining facial, which cleanses my pores and makes my face glow. This is a newer addition to my regime, but I have learned that exfoliating is key!

Evening Skincare Routine: 

I thoroughly wash my face using La Mer's cleansing foam and my trusted Clarisonic. I finish by applying my Chanel moisturizer again. Bobbi Brown's eye cream and Estee Lauder's night serum are on my wish list - both items are extremely important and now that I am in my mid-20s are items I need to start using. 

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With Love,

Photos by Preston Anderson

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