Friday, March 21, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

I'm beyond excited to share with you one of my favorite brands, Norwex. If you have never heard of Norwex you can learn more about the company and their wide range of products here. I want to specifically zero in on one of my favorites- the Body Clothes. 

I specifically use the body clothes to wash my face each night. The secret is I wash my face with ONLY the Norwex cloth and water! You heard me right I use no cleanser or toner to clean my skin. With a history of both sensitive and acne prone skin it was a difficult leap to stop using my trusty face wash- it took about 4 months for my aunt (who is also a Norwex consultant) to get me to use just the cloth and water. The secret behind the cloths is the gentle but exfoliating micro fiber and also the silver agent found in the product. Since I have used Norwex I can honestly say I don't "break out" anymore but only see a few small pimples now and then. I have also seen a drastic change in the evenness of my skin, its smoother, and I would now categorize it as "normal" rather than "combination." The Norwex body cloth is definitely my secret beauty product!

 I hope this Favorite Things Friday product review sparks your interest to try something new with your beauty routine. 

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  1. Thanks for the plug on Norwex Laura. Let people know they can contact me if they have questions or want information :)


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