Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rustic Chalkboard {DIY}

When P and I went to Nashville earlier this summer (see here), we spent an entire day of our vacation at the Nashville Flea Market, perusing the isles of junk and treasures. This barn wood frame was one of those treasures. It was handmade from an old 1920's barn and we fell in love with it instantly. It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to put inside - a fun print, a map, nothing, a chalkboard. I eventually decided to go the chalkboard route, and last weekend P helped me to make a simple chalkboard and install it on the back. I cannot wait to find the perfect place for it in our home. What is your current DIY project? 

: : Materials : : 

White Spray Paint (primer)
Chalkboard Spray Paint (we needed two cans for our project, but ours was quite large)
Drill or Screwdriver

: : DIY : : 

Begin by cutting the plywood to your desired length and width, depending on the size of your frame. You will want about 1-2 inches extra on all sides for screwing it onto the frame. 

Sand down the side that will be facing out so that it is smooth.

Using a white spray paint, prime the plywood surface completely in slow, steady strokes. Let dry completely. Lightly sand to re-smooth surface. 

Apply two even coats of the black chalkboard spray paint, letting dry completely between each coat. Lightly sand to re-smooth surface. Apply one final coat of the black chalkboard spray paint. 

Screw the chalkboard onto the frame. 

With Love,

Photos by Preston Anderson

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